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International Color Awards – Photography Masters Cup

My image Triangulation, nominated in Architecture




1x and Lux Optima

Because my husband was taking part in a clinical trial for the first few months of 2014, opportunities to take photographs were few and far between.  Now he has completed the trial and is almost fully recovered from side effects, we have both been able to pick up our cameras and get out and about.  Two images taken since I started shooting again have been featured recently on curated photography websites:


Triangles on Lux Optima and



and Linear in Green on




It’s good to be back in the photographic swing of things again!

Guardian Weekend Magazine

Most Saturdays, the Guardian Magazine publishes a selection of readers pictures on a particular theme.  If I have an image that I think offers an original take on the theme, I submit a photo.  In May, two of my images were published.

“Living online” for the subject Draw, which appeared on 3 May 2014 :


living on line



Upside down was published two weeks later on 16 May, on the theme “Fly”

fly upside down


Woo hoo!  That makes 10 images selected to date.  I’m happy

RPS 365 – a new theme every month

In March, I was fortunate to have three images selected as finalists in the RPS 365 monthly competition on the theme “Shadow” and one image chosen as a winner.

The theme for April was “Close to home” and I was again delighted to have an image in the finalists selection, particularly so as “50 shades of Brown” was taken on an iPhone as part of an ongoing personal 365 Project.

The theme for May was street photography.  One of my images “The finger points” was used to promote the competition.  Finalists will be announced by 5 June.

rps 365 50 shades of brown The Finger Points RPS 365

Shadows II

A couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to find three of my images shortlisted amongst the 22 finalists in the Royal Photographic Society’s  RPS-365 monthly competition on the theme of “Shadow”.  I am even more delighted that one of them, “L’Ombre de la chaise” was selected as one of the three winners, while Brise Soleil” is currently being used to promote the competition on the front page of the RPS website and on the competition page.  There is a link to my RPS architectural portfolio alongside the photo credit if you follow THIS LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page.

RPS Front page 2014-04-23 at 17.21.22




RPS Competion page 2014-04-23 at 17.22.25




Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 15.57.26


The Royal Photographic Society runs a year round competition for members (RPS-365) with a new theme every month.  The theme for March was shadow.  22 images were shortlisted, including three of mine.  You can see a lll the images and vote for your favourite by clicking THIS LINK!  Voting closes 16 April.


RPS 365 Competition-Finalists Shadows


L’Ombre de la chaise:

Linda Wride L'ombre de la chaise





Brise Soleil:




Guardian Weekend Magazine, an exhibition, awards and an ongoing project

March got off to a good start with another image published in the Guardian Weekend Magazine to illustrate the theme “local”.  The image was taken in Marrakech medina, looking down from the roof terrace of Riad Nesma, our base for the trip.  Great place to watch the local people going about their daily business!




I have started posting to two photography groups on Facebook which specialise in minimal images.  “Bodyline ” was selected as Photo of the Week February 23-March 1 : Minimalisms Award



Tangent was selected as Best Urban Minimal on 2 March:



And “Unwrapping” was included in the Minimalisms Awards “Simple Shape, Complex experience”




My images Curve, Tangent and Hommage to De Chirico have gone on sale in the 500PX Prime Gallery (see blog entries 2 March  and 14 February).

An exhibition inspired by Port Meadow, one of Oxford’s wild green spaces, opened on 22 March in the Gallery, Oxford Town Hall.  The exhibition runs until 21 April.  It includes my image “Equine Grid”, 36 images of some of the horses which graze on the meadow:



Because of family health issues, I haven’t been able to get out and about much with my camera this year.  However, I have managed to take and post one photo a day using my iPhone.  Below are some of my favourites.  Here is a link to the iPhone 365 Project Album on Facebook  which is usually updated on a daily basis!












Features, publications and exhibitions

There are some images that punch above their weight in terms of the amount of attention they attract.  One of those is “Look at this”.  


First published on in October 2013, it was then used by Digital Camera Magazine in January 2014 to illustrate how to capture colour abstracts.  In February, it was exhibited in the Oxford Photographic Society’s show at Linacre College, Oxford and was used by the Royal Photographic Society London Region to promote “Best of 2013” Exhibition at The Cave, Linear House, Greenwich in London where it will be on show until 18 April.  I have also been invited to write a tutorial about it for the next 1x Tutorial Book.

Two of my abstract architectural images have been featured on the “Minimal Urban Photography” Group page on Facebook – “Linear in Silver and Blue” and “Cut Outs” which was won the Best Urban Minimal Award on 17 February.




The online edition of the Guardian Weekend Magazine featured my image “Bling Bling Shoes” in images selected for the  “Trend ” theme,

On trend bling bling shoes

while “Intertwined” was published on



and Rectilinear in Silver (taken with an iPhone) was selected for the Community Gallery on Fotoblur.




More interest from 500px, with requests to license two more images Curve and Tangent.




 More of my architectural images were uploaded on the new RPS website, and my Architecture Portfolio was featured on the Thames Valley region page.  

I was aslo delighted to have a number of images included in a daily “Flood Blog” run by our local newspaper, the Oxford Mail, to illustrate what was happening on the ground in real time as the flood waters rose in our part of Oxford.

Arcaid Images a specialist architectural stock library has expressed an interest in the possibility of including me as one of its contributors – discussions are ongoing…. and I have also opened discussions with Kozu Books about possible publication in a future volume of its high quality limited edition litho printed photography books…

Last but not least, I often get Facebook “Friend Requests” from photographers in different parts of the world.  Sometimes they say where they have seen my work.  Two such requests in February referred to seeing an article on Steve Huff Photo website , the other had seen my work on O Mundo da Fotografia Digital a Portuguese photography magazine.  I knew nothing of these articles.  Small world! 



Out with old, in with the new: December 2013 – January 2014

December got off to a good start with another featured image in ArtFreelife:


and another image published in the Guardian Weekend Magazine under the theme Decorate.  The image was called “The thin white line” and it was taken on holiday in Crete.

Guardian Mag 7.12.13



The thin white line



A few days later,  “Fast Track” was selected as Curators Choice by See in Mono (SIM)



and “The Other Side” was Stark Magazine Curator’s Choice.



In the middle of the month, I heard that my image “Lady in Waiting” was one of the 16 finalists in the Art of Building competition sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Building.

Lady in waiting


You can view all the other finalists by clicking here!

The Oxford Photographic Society (OPS) published its annual yearbook, which included two of my images:





The year ended with the sale of “The Finger Points” which had been spotted at the OPS Annual Exhibition:



In January, I embarked on a new venture – a 365 project, taking and posting one image a day for the whole year.  However, this project had a twist.  Instead of using a “proper” camera, I decided to get to know the camera on my iPhone (about time too!) and post direct to an album on my Facebook page.  You can look at this work in progress by clicking on this live link!

The start of the year also saw the start of a new exhibition by the Oxford Photographic Society in a gallery at a local hospital.  I decided to exhibit three bright and cheerful architectural abstracts:





Also early in the month Digital Camera Magazine (Issue 47 – February 2014) featured a one page spread of my work in the series “Ten things to try right away, to illustrate the theme “Capture abstract colour – how to spot city shots with bags of impact:

Digital Camera feature Issue 147 Feb 2014


To my delight, two images were published on, Blue Gate:



and Walk the Line:

walk the line


I was also approached by 500PX to license an image for inclusion in the 500px Commercial Licensing Marketplace which goes live shortly:



That’s a good way to start the year.  Let’s hope it continues in the same way!



Looking back at 2013: January and February

The beginning of 2013 was a difficult time for our family.  My husband underwent the last two cycles of a six cycle chemotherapy regime.  Life was dominated by hospital visits and dealing with the side effects of chemo.  Going out and taking photographs was a non-starter, so I mined the archive.  Looking back at images taken in 2012 proved fruitful.  Three images were selected for the 1X gallery –





Right Turn Ahead:


In February, I sold a copy of “Lady in Waiting” to the German Innovation and Information Design Company OOSE to display in the office reception

Lady in waiting

“Rain on Waves”  was featured in the FotoUp gallery


Barrier and Yellow Wall were selected for the Fotoblur Community Gallery



“Seeing Red” was featured in the Fotoup gallery


“Choose Me” and “Tangent” were both nominated in the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup International Colour Awards (although I have since heard that the reputation of this competition is questionable)

Choose Me Linda Wride


By the end of February, my husband’s chemo was over and the side effects of treatment were begging to wear off….we were looking forward to getting out and about again!

Last but not least, Oxford Photographic Society published its 2012 Yearbook – just a bit late!  Including my works Choose Me (above) and “Blurred Vision” below: